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The Sick-Bay

Staffing When Active

5 Medical Officers
3 Dental Officers
1 Hospital Corp Offc
37 Hospital Corpman
4 Strikers

BB-62's Sick-Bay sits on the third deck and forward in the "A" Division of the vessel. Sick-bay is located between the #1 and # 2 Gun Turrents. It runs from Bulkhead 87 forward to Bulkhead 50. Sick-Bay holds (letters coorespond to those in the sketch):

(A) pharmacy, (C) operating suite, (G) surgical dressing room, (E) x-ray room, (F) medical and surgical store-rooms, (H) linen locker, (I)isolation section (w/ isolation bath),
(J)doctors offices, (T)laboratory, (N) pts wards,
(P/Q)central damage control station.

Forward of the Sick Bay are Crew Quarters.

The HPA is planning of opening the Sick bay for tours during Phase Two of BB-62's master plan.

Reference: NAVSEA DWG # BB62-845-5609217, plate #10 of #18.
Scale 1/16 of an inch equals 1 foot

Rough Sketch of Sick-Bay Area, not to scale.


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